Sed Lionheart

Sed Lionheart

So if you know me at all, you know that Sed Lionheart is my one of my FAVORITE book boyfriends. I know that seems crazy…out of ALL of the amazing book boyfriends out there that he is at the very top of my list …but it’s 100% true. I am a complete and total fangirl for Sed. He won my heart and well let’s be real here, he won my vagina too.

Sed is the lead singer for the hot rock band, Sinners.

You can find this deliciously, sexy, bad-boy in the Sinners On Tour Series by Olivia Cunning!

Sed is most known for his signature growl and of course, his love for public displays of hot sex.

Sed is unbelievably talented in the bedroom…or Vegas…or hot tub….or swimming pool or…you get the idea. He’s a “I’m going to make you orgasm ten times in a row” kinda guy. See why he’s my favorite? Who wouldn’t love a book boyfriend who is so freakin’ generous and talented? Unbelievably talented. Mind-blowing talent. Leave you speechless, breathless, and begging for more kind of talent. Alright, alright I’ll stop before I go on and on about how ridiculously talented Sed is.

Sed is HOT. His tall, tattooed, extremely muscular physique would be a perfect addition to your daily spank bank rotation. Seriously. No Joke. He will blow your mind.

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Favorite Sed Quotes

“The best day of my life used to be the day I asked you to marry me onstage in Pittsburgh, but as memorable as that was, today has been even better.” 

“I hear he’s hung like a horse.”

‘Are you ready to climb the Gates of Hell?”

“Without you, I’m nothing.  Don’t you understand that?”

“I just want to be inside you. Where I belong.”

“I love you..I can’t keep it inside any longer. I know you don’t feel the same- I can live with that- but, it doesn’t change how I feel. I love you so much I can’t breathe sometimes.”

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Rock Hard (Sinners on Tour, #2)


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