Max Stella

Max Stella

Max Stella. Oh my! This man is sexy, confident, and brings out the confidence in his leading ladies. Max is down-right delicious and at times, too-hot-for-own-good. He really raises the bar in terms of book boyfriend standards. Max is charming, sweet and will have you swooning off your feet in no time. His personality, British accent, and sexy good looks have put him at the top of my favorite book boyfriends list.


Favorite Max Stella Quotes

“Come on.” He sighed quietly. “You let me fuck you on Saturday, you put my hand beneath your clothes a few minutes ago, and now you won’t join me for lunch. Do you always make a point of being so confusing?.”

“And already I have a strong urge to devour you.” 

“But I didn’t think I’d ever wanted her more than in that moment when I was witnessing her put herself back together.” 

“Don’t worry, mate,” I told him. I turned to her and murmured, “She doesn’t let me fuck her in cars. Or on Tuesdays.”

“When you’re coming, you just make unintelligible sounds. But when you’re close, you just whisper ‘please’ over and over, as if I’d ever deny you.” 

“The way you seem nervous makes me think you don’t know that I’m in love with you.”
I looked up at him, eyes wide and hands froze. Click.
“I love you, Petal. I’ve known it for a while now, but everything changed for me last night.” 


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