Letty Dillinger

Letty Dillinger

Letty Dillinger.

Hot, Badass Lead Singer of Killer Buzz Float.

She’s a force to be reckon with. A crude, raunchy, obnoxious, in-your-face kind of chick or has no qualms with telling it like it is.

This chick is so hot she may turn you into a lesbian….

And this is why she is currently the only girl who holds a spot in the Book Boyfriend Corner.

Letty Dillinger popped my fictional girlfriend cherry in the book Strings by Kendall Grey…and now I’m pretty sure… I’m a fictional lesbian.

Favorite Letty Quotes

“Yeah, but what did he do with it? Did he make millions? Is he bathing in vats of champagne every night? No. That dickhead works at a fucking gas station.”

“If I had nuts, they’d have crawled so far up my ass, my breath would smell like cum.”

“Green eyes. He has beautiful green eyes. The cooter engine revs. Pretty sure she sprung an oil leak.”

“I spend the rest of the drive trying to convince my famished beaver that dinner is coming soon. Patience Gertrude. Patience. Seriously, this bitch needs her own personal air conditioning unit. Maybe an adult diaper.”


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